SMB/CIFS Download Manager

2009-01-28 by Administrator, tagged as microsoft, software

With this article we’re going back to the origins of the “Perimeterless Network“. If you (like us) are living the idea of the “Perimeterless Network” you sure can access your SMB / CIFS shares from anywhere in the world. Fo security reasons connections are protected with IPSec, right?

Now, for testing purposes I had to download a large DVD image from a remote file server and since I am accessing the Internet by WLAN and IPSec slows down the connection, too, I thought of using a download manager. The best choice would be a handy command line tool like wget. I did remember a tool called smbget I had used before which actually is part of the Samba Suite. But the only Windows binary I could find was at and on that page it says:

“For me it was very useful to transfer big files with size about 1 gigabyte over the our intranet through Samba from Germany to Belarus and from Belarus to Germany. If remote file is not available the application will try to download it until the job is done ”

OK, Belarus is not really what I’d call a democratic country so I was a little anxious about downloading a pre-compiled binary from such a source. Furthermore, I don’t know if Windows binaries are always larger than BeOS, BSD, and Linux ones but in this case the difference was huge. Anyway, if the source is not available anymore I am hosting the Windows Zip here.